Campaign Issues

To break things down and get more specific, I’m in favor of moving into the 21st Century in such ways as:

  • Gun Control updated after Orlando shooting
  • Fixing the web! 
  • Using the web to make life easier
  • Jobs
  • Government corruption of Rep. Carolyn Maloney
  • Government corruption 
  • Legalizing marijuana nationally
  • Nuclear Controls
  • Smart Government


To break things down and get more specific, I’m in favor of moving into the 21st Century in such ways as:

  • Gun Control:
    • Firstly: Re-start assault rifle ban (expired 2004 ) and halt sales to people on "watch list"/"no-fly list"
      • After the horrific attack by a deranged gay, Islamic gunman against fellow gays/lesbians, we have stop sales to people on federal "watch" lists
      • The assault rifle is the "gun of choice" for mass murders in the USA, and its sale must be halted immediately.
    • Secondarily: I would introduce legislation that would allot funding for development of “smart guns.” Smart guns would not only check thumbprints, like iPhones do now, but would also have an RFID chip to indicate the presence of a user and verify their identity.  Taking a gun away from its owner would prevent the gun from firing, and the “smart” gun would additionally check the safety and functionality of all features (like a car does upon ignition) to make sure the owner is indeed firing, the chamber is clear, the bullet is stably loaded, etc.
      • Ammunition would have a serial number, and the gun barrels would be identified so that bullets can be more accurately linked to specific guns.
      • Explosives would be tagged for identification.
      • Research on matters relating to guns would be sponsored. In part, this would ensure that guns in question would be routinely tested for DNA in criminal cases.
    • Thirdly:  we want a debate in Congress on guns.  And my opponent Rep Carolyn Maloney refuses to even debate me, a fellow Dem!  She is hiding her record from scrutiny.
  • Let’s fix the web!  There’s no excuse anymore. There need to be criminal penalties for hacking maliciously, tampering with emails, and other breaches of online communication and private properties. This is no different than a person walking down Main Street jiggling doorknobs at night, trying to gain entry – if seen, they’d be arrested.

-       In outlets where faxes, voicemail, etc. are accepted, we should require they be up to date with Safe Web standards of reliable web encryption as to confirm identities.

-       We need to actually enforce the 2006 Court[1] rule on requiring computer searchable documents. 

-       Establish thorough Internet security measures so that sending a fake email with a bug in it would be a criminal offense.

-       Create punishments for doing actual damage or potential damage through back-door means and automated bot ‘zombie’ computers (e.g., A spam tax of 1/10 of 1 cent).

  • Use the web to make life easier: When any large corporation interacts with the public, an option should  be to use the Web

-       Emails and text messages should be acceptable alternatives to print and faxed documents

-       Registration and other paperwork can be made to use the web (no more paper, unless you want it)

-       For example, if there’s an issue with your MTA card, you should not have to mail it in and wait.  Instead, you should be able to enter the old and new MTA card numbers online.  The old one will be nullified, and the new one will get its properties (e.g. monthly pass, half-priced disabled passes, etc.). This could be done at home or at the token booth.

  • Jobs:  Sometimes high unemployment and low incomes have been seen as significantly contributing factors to crime, so I’d move for targeted jobs with community and national service. Together, we can target the jobs and not target or blame the people who suffer from numerous socioeconomic factors.

-       Help those who wish to stay in school, avoid pregnancy, continue education, and be empowered by social opportunity.

-       Also: corporations should stop relying on "temp" workers / vendors / consultants, if they are bogus designations used in order to avoid paying benefits and more easily fire people.  Hearings could determine how widespread such abuse is, and perhaps corrected legislatively.

  • Government corruption of Carolyn Maloney:
    • 3 KEY times: 2010, 2014, and 2016
    • Maloney claims that there's "not a shred of truth" on my accusation, that I

"was inspired to get into the June 28 race by a run-in with Maloney’s office over an allegedly corrupt judge, though a spokesperson from Maloney’s office said there is “not a shred of truth” to Lindner’s accusations."

    • The photo below is the "shred of truth" that Maloney called me in 2010.  And Maloney refused the League of Women Voters request for a debate with me by (falsely) saying she was "too busy".  If the Nation is supposed to debate banning assault weapons, how can that happen when Maloney won't even debate a fellow Democrat?
    • Six years ago (7/19/2010), Rep. Maloney refused to pass on information about a federal judge who may have violated the law  that has 20 years in prison, about attempting to influence the communication of a possible federal crime to the US Marshal. 
      • Maloney threatened to call the Capitol Police on me if I called her again on that, a day before our meeting.
      • NB: The Judge's behavior is an impeachable offense, and only the US Congress can impeach a for-life federal judge.
      • Here's the proof: caller ID photo of Maloney's office calling on July 19, 2010 at 3:14pmCaller ID of Maloney
  • Two years ago, I spoke to an acquaintance ("Sally Smith") who is a CI (Confidential Informant) for the DEA/ATF and I told "Sally" that I voted for Rep. Carolyn Maloney,
      •  Sally said that she knew Rep. Maloney
      • That Maloney spoke to Sally about me and USDJ Sullivan
      • Sally is not in Maloney/my district
    • Within the past two years, USDJ Sullivan spoke to Sally, and Sally Smith said that Judge Sullivan said that
      • because I was gay, I had probably looked at child porn, and
      • thus it was okay to plant child porn on my laptop (which I carried to Washington DC as part of my job in 2014).
      • Note: Sally is computer illiterate, and said at one point,she was given a thumbnail drive to take home (since returned) to put on my laptop.  This thus also becomes an overt act required to label this as a conspiracy.
    • Maloney and Sullivan spoke to Sally about me this year (2016), and even NY ADA Samuel Cocks refuses to look into it, despite my having Sally's notarized sworn statement about speaking to Judge Sullivan.
  • Government corruption:  As your representative, subtle abuses of power by judges, prosecutors, police, legislators would not be tolerated. The government would increase salaries for officials in the judicial / legislative / executive branches and create a stricter stand on “contributions” (aka: bribes). This way, the investigation of abuses will be simpler and more efficient.

-       The Blue Wall of Silence[2] for police would be addressed and removed, since protecting a few bad apples hurts and undermines the police force more than it helps.

-       Let’s stop abuses of due process. The NSA cannot be permitted to spy on domestic conversations carte blanche, and the “thin thread” method for collecting data should be normalized and regulated: this allows for data to be encrypted, but it could only be decrypted and accessed by governmental agencies through a court order.  

-       Complaints filed about those committing misdeeds in all branches of government should be given a unique number (allowing tabulations) so that they can be effectively tracked, followed, and dealt with in the spirit of "If you see something, say something.”

-       Complaints provide a strong argument for an investigation, which would squeeze information from those accused of wrongdoing the same way we do in cases dealing with hard drugs or violence.

-       Because documents will have been logged with timestamps and redactions (for confidentiality), any sworn affidavits provided and filed (if needed), and marked with degree of importance, we can assure the abilities to follow up on case files and pass documents from one agency to another electronically, with ease.

-       We could incentivize whistle-blowers within an organization or public entity to participate in a form of Truth & Reconciliation Commission testimonial process that rewards honesty with dollars.

.  I'd assign a Pete(tm) number to each whistle-blower incident

.  Complete immunity would be given, and 10% of the bribe could be kept, if person tells all to Courts

.  This would be public info, and bribing firm would be given same opportunity, and chance to keep 10% of the bribe, if they tell all, subject to arrest of executives

.  Thus, Gov't keeps 80% of bribe, public knows how bribe was generated and by whom, and laws can be passed to fix this mechanism that allowed such a bribe

-       With all of these methods, rather than passing the buck to another department or institution or assuming the problem will surely be solved elsewhere, we will weed out the corrupt figures at the source and set new precedents of saying, “This is not acceptable.”

  • Legalizing marijuana nationally:  Today’s penalties are based on decades-old false information of marijuana’s addictive qualities and how it ‘paves the way to harder drugs.’

-       The drug war has failed. It’s proven to have targeted people of color and people living in poverty at more frequent and harsher degrees. We need to free non-violent offenders and expunge their record. 

-       Increase research on medical and psychological effects, just as we have with alcohol.

-       Importation of marijuana should be allowed, and shipping it between states where it’s legal would be permitted, along with banking services. This way we avoid the proliferation of groups of armed people illegally transporting massive drug supplies & huge sums of unregulated money.

-       Harvey Milk proposed this 40+ years ago, along with gun control. 4 Pete Sake, NYC – isn’t it about time

  • Nuclear Controls:  Terrorists threatening to use nuclear materials is a major problem, and I have knowledge of nuclear issues.  I totally support cutting down the world's nuclear arsenal for many reasons, as President Obama has been trying to do, with some success.

-       As an MIT student, I took a course in Nuclear Disarmament, and have kept current on that topic over the past 40 years.

-       The controls on nuclear bombs can be modernized and adapted to smart guns.

-       Nuclear power plants can be modernized to have devices that will work despite crippling[3] blasts.

-       Handling of dangerous “spent fuel” must be considered and revamped.

-       Terrorists accessing nuclear materials[4] is a mind-blowing threat that we must handle immediately.

  • Smart Government:

-       States have different policies on this, which are euphemistically called "Laboratories of Democracy"

-       But to be a real "lab", there should be experiments, with controls, planning, monitoring, and evaluation with recommendations!

  • I’m possibly in favor of legalizing prostitution in order to legitimize, protect, and financially regulate & secure these workers who have been cut down, shamed, and marginalized by social, legal, and economic limitations and forms of oppression both in and out of the business. At the very least, this is a discussion[5] we should be having – in direct connection to the many facets of women’s rights – and we should be doing so compassionately.

[1] The Supreme Court made the law that all documents in Court must be computer readable, although from personal experience, I (Pete) have noted that companies try to evade such methods, perhaps to make it harder for individuals to handle hundreds or thousands of documents.  Under Rule 34, documents that are “electronically stored information” can be in their “native” format (as opposed to being made into non-searchable text like faxes.

[2] The Blue Wall of Silence “enables” bad cops to not worry about their peers testifying against them, which was supposedly handled with the famous Serpico case in NYC.  But, as we see in many high-profile cases, a bad cop / trooper / sheriff can alienate many people, especially minority groups across the USA.

[3] E.g. Fukushima power plants could not handle the loss of electricity, nor the water flooding the area.  We need to use this isolated, extreme example to make safer plants everywhere in the world.

[4] Some power plants across the world did not have armed guards, thus allowing a small band of terrorists possible access.  E.g. Belgium did not have armed guards at their power plants prior to the attacks in Mar2016.

[5] There is a stand that perhaps should be backed up with some testimony of the benefits and safety that would come from making it legit. 

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